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Vedubox’s Advantages and Differences from Its Competitors

There are many differences between Vedubox and its competitors in terms of technique and usage.

Vedubox was designed to serve the whole world. The biggest advantage of Vedubox is hidden here: With its high-tech integrated, secure, economical and scalable technical infrastructure, it manages to respond to many needs at the same time as a special and extraordinary option. It has an incredible user experience as it has been used by many customers for many years.

8 great reasons to choose Vedubox

Our Vedubox online platform continues to be continuously developed to meet your changing and evolving needs. Our customers do not pay extra for these updates.


100% Cloud Technology


Ready-to-install infrastructure


High performance unlimited capacity.


Server purchase, update, etc. There is no need.

i Pad


High technologies integrated and up-to-date


No server internet cost


Everything you need in one platform


It does not require the employment of any technical personnel.

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Makes a difference with its technical features and service quality

Vedubox offers a unique user experience and integrated features.

For example, when we compare it with the systems sold in the market; Vedubox’s integrated features that enable its comprehensive service make a difference. Vedubox, on the other hand, offers many features such as online education management, content presentation, live lesson – meeting – webinar, online payment, SMS, e-mail, survey and exam in an integrated way.

With its advanced technology that eliminates the performance problems encountered in many similar products, Vedubox is also an effective product against image and sound shifting in recorded videos. In addition, strengthen your digital communication with Vedubox, screen sharing and interaction features.

High performance, eliminated freezing, audio and video loss problems, simple and user-friendly interface put Vedubox ahead of its competitors.

Therefore, our system offers a unique user experience for all kinds of institutions/companies/educational institutions and different uses, with integrated online education, distance education, remote working, live lessons, seminars, online meetings, and video conferencing features.

Let’s list the differences and advantages of Vedubox:

Cloud Technology – Microsoft Azure – Google Cloud

We are developing Vedubox using Microsoft and Google technologies. In this way, thousands of users can use our system without any trouble or speed problem.

Live Lecture/Video Conferencing/Webinar Quality

In Vedubox, there are live lectures, video conferences and webinar modules that do not freeze and offer a fully interactive working and learning environment with the participation of many participants in the same session/room.

Unlimited Lessons/Meetings/Webinars

You can create unlimited live lessons/meetings/webinars for each license based on the number of instant licenses/rooms you have purchased.

Unlimited Teachers/Moderators, Branch/Unit Administrators and System Administrators

Users in these roles will not affect your capacity and will not be deducted from your quota. You can add as many teachers/moderators/admin users as you want.

Live Lesson/Meeting/Webinar – Virtual Classroom Image, Sound and Recording Quality (Synchronous Lessons)

There is no freezing in your live lessons; You can transmit high quality video even at normal internet speeds. Live lessons are recorded automatically and there is no audio or video shift in live lesson recordings. We use a patented video compression technology to ensure all this!

Live Lesson – Virtual Classroom Convenience

Our virtual classroom is designed for your ease of use. You can directly share any file from your computer without uploading the document to the virtual classroom, you can write and draw on it. Thus, you can provide multiple interactions to your users.

High Capacity Live Lesson/Meeting/Webinar Recording

The minimum live lecture/meeting/webinar recording capacity of the system starts from 100 GB and thanks to the high compression technology, you can keep the high quality video in low sizes on your system or computer. Therefore, each live lecture/video conference/webinar recording takes up very little space. Moreover, you can upgrade these areas for a small fee.

High Storage Spaces

In Vedubox Pro version, content (document, video, picture, etc.) can be uploaded into the system (trainings, modules, library, etc.). We offer each of our customers sufficient file storage in the system. In case of excessive use, you can upgrade these areas for a small fee.

Ability to Create Unlimited Training Packages

You can create unlimited training packages by packaging different lessons. You can also assign or sell as many different packages as you want to a student. This does not affect the capacity of the system or your cost.

Unlimited Subdomain Forwarding

For your systems online.institution.webaddress, academy.institution.webaddress or meeting.institution.webaddress etc. You can personalize your system with a subdomain such as

Integrated SMS and e-Mail Sending

You can inform your students about your distance education system via SMS and e-mail. Before starting the live lesson/meeting, you can make a reminder via SMS and e-mail. Our system works integrated with You can become a member of NETGSM with the code “Etgi Grup”. You can use the SMS packages you receive through Vedubox.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Modern Interface

Your students, users, teachers and other users are not lost in the system and can easily use the system.

Year-round Support and System Training

You can get e-mail, telephone and video conference support services from our technical team throughout the year. We are with you.

Continuously Developing Software Infrastructure and Compatibility with Latest Technologies

Our expert engineer team is constantly improving our system by following the latest technologies. We make our software superior by cooperating with the world’s giant technology companies.

Unique Features

Vedubox includes many unique features such as interactive video, intelligent content management, sequential content management.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

You can get detailed reports about your trainings, live classes/meetings and online sales and analyze your data.

Automatic System Requiring Minimum Human Resources

Many processes that are done manually in other systems and require human resources, which cost time and money, are done automatically in Vedubox.

Modular and Integrated System

Many modules and features work in integration with each other in Vedubox. Student with a single username; can watch your videos, attend live lectures and take quizzes.

Access from Mobile Devices and Tablets

You can use Vedubox from your Android and IOS devices without any problems. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Integrated Online Payment – e-Commerce/Sales Module

You can create an online sales portal like UDEMY, thanks to the optional e-Commerce Module within our system. You can also sell as many different packages to a user as you want. This does not affect the capacity of the system or your cost. Your users can access the system after making their payments. You can also get reports on sales.

Integrated Support Feature

You can provide direct support to your users thanks to the support module in the system, thus reducing your phone traffic and workload.

Easy to set up, safe.

Vedubox differentiates itself from its competitors by using the cloud services of the biggest technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google.