Retail Sector

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It may be necessary to spend extra work to provide job training to each new member of staff or a group of employees in retail companies with a large number of employees and frequent employee changes.

Franchise Training

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With the Vedubox system, you can quickly and effectively provide training for how your brand works and how to make sales, etc. to people who want to open your franchise branch.

Healthcare Services

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The needs in the healthcare sector increase in parallel with the increase in the human population and the life span. The needs are not only about equipment, but also for qualified personnel.


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Have you developed a new product? Do you want to quickly teach the product to your customers and sell it as soon as possible? You can prepare customer training quickly and effectively using Vedubox.

Vedubox Corporate

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In companies, you may need to train employees on different subjects from time to time. You can prepare employee training easily and practically with Vedubox.


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When we look at the sectors in which LMS (Learning Management Systems) is used, it is seen that the education sector uses them most. Distance education can be used as an educational tool in private tuition centers, private schools, as well as formal educational institutions.

School and Universities

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The popularity of e-learning has increased the need for e-learning environments in various areas, including educational institutions.