All in one platform
to build, market, and sell live courses, workshops, meet online, manage events and learning communities.

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All in one platform
to build, market, and sell live courses, workshops, meet online, manage events and learning communities.


Digitalize your meetings and training with Vedubox Live.
Vedubox Live has all the necessary features for your online meeting and webinar needs. It simplifies process management and makes meetings more interactive with Live Survey, Event Management, and Reporting modules.


Blend online education management and content management.
Vedubox LMS offers training and content management features together to make online education more effective.


Your online exams are more effective and safe with Vedubox Exam.
Using Vedubox Exam, create a pool with the questions in different formats and organize online exams. Prepare tests, quizzes, and exams using this pool of questions. Evaluate exams right away with detailed exam reports.

Event Center

Digitize your events with Vedubox Event Center.
Vedubox Event has been specially designed for individuals and institutions conducting online events such as webinars, video meetings, workshops, seminars, panels, congresses, networking (business networking), symposiums.
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Manage your online education from a single platform.

Create your trainings, upload course resources, make interactive live or video lessons, take attendance, make tests and exams, issue certificates using a combination of applications and tools. Enable your users to interact with each other and access calendar and course materials easily with the user panel.

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Share your trainings securely and economically.

PDF, presentation, video or library… Add course resources in different formats to your trainings with Vedubox, save your live lessons to the system to be watched again, and safely apply the tests and exams you have created. Lighten things up for your IT department with end-to-end data encryption, SSO, constant availability, redundant data storage, and strong privacy protections.

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Take advantage of the best online learning tools.

Use tools that provide communication and online education solutions, online payment services integrated not only with Zoom but also with Google and Microsoft products.

Personalize your online education as you wish with our powerful tools, add elements that will increase interaction, use different formats altogether. Simplify the entire process while enriching your training plans with more tools. Make the best possible online learning technologies easy to use for both instructors and users.

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Sectors Digitized with Vedubox

Vedubox offers effective solutions to the changing digital transformation needs of different sectors. With systems that bring together the most advanced technologies of the era, take your place among the companies that make a difference in the sector.

From online training to meeting, identify your needs and meet the most suitable solutions for you.

Simplify Online Education and Remote Work with Vedubox.

Thanks to the Learning Management System and Communication Portal, your video conferencing, webinar and virtual classroom activities are fast, practical and economical with Vedubox, supported by Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Use the world's most advanced technologies integrated into Vedubox.

Vedubox joins forces with the world’s latest technology products, especially Zoom, Vimeo,Microsoft and Google.

Companies and educational institutions 

from all over the world trust us

What Our Customers Say?

Today, Vedubox is the go-to integrated learning management platform for more than 300,000 users around the world, who are now more engaged, more collaborative, and more on top of their work than ever before.

Vedubox is offering cloud-based and white-label SaaS to its users. Corporate companies, start-ups, government bodies, training centres, schools, non-profit organizations, universities and tutors use Vedubox in an annual or monthly plan.

Catch the future of online education
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